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Siemens Switches

Siemens 3K Superswitch SDFs are used as short circuit, and overload protection device with fuses and main controls switches in  industrial switchboards as well as residential and commercial buildings’ switchboards. The Siemens switch is also available in Switch Disconnector versions, it ensures making and breaking of the specified rated current under load and without load. At the same time, they are used for safety isolating function as isolation device in various low-voltage circuits. Siemens Superswitch conforms to IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-3 and IS 13947-3. Siemens Superswitch has a very high life compared to the contemporary products offered today.


  •  Suitable for applications up to 690V AC.
  •  3KL8 Siemens Switches suitable for high temperature applications till 60°C.
  •  Isolable neutral as well as switched neutral pole.
  •  Increased safety through IP20 Fuse Covers and terminal cover.
  •  Suitable for Isolation as per IEC 60947.
  •  Unique Positive OFF indication to indicate the true position of contacts.
  •  Fuse monitoring provision via 3VU1340 fuse monitor.
  •  Type 2 Coordinated combination available for the entire range.
  •  Telescopic adjustable length shaft with rotary handle.

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