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 Larsen & Toubro is a technology-driven USD 8.5 billion company that infuses engineering with imagination. The Company offers a wide range of advanced solutions in the field of Engineering, Construction, Electrical & Automation, Machinery and Information Technology.L&T Switchgear, which forms part of the Electrical & Automation business, is India’s largest manufacturer of low voltage switchgear, with the scale, sophistication and range to meet global benchmarks. With over four decades of experience in this field, the Company today enjoys a leadership position in the Indian market with growing presence in international markets.

L&T has a number of series of MCCBs to cater to the different type of customers based on pricing, ruggability and breaking capacity. The DU series is the cheapest of all and provides circuit protection where loads are not high and cost is the concern. The DH series is the oldest of all and while the D sine series MCCBs are the latest version developed on the cutting edge technologies which help protect the circuits. The Dsine series also provides the microprocessor based tripping units for better precision where accuracy is critical and paramount. The DM series is generally used for Motor protection.

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DH Series   DU Series   D-Sine Series   DM Series

DL Series

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