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Schneider Electric India Switchgear

Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd (SEI) is a 100% subsidiary of Schneider Electric Industries SAS, a global specialist in energy management. With a strong force of over 7,700 employees, the company is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all, its exemplary Quality. The company has 31 global manufacturing plants and India is among one of the biggest plants and distribution centers.

Schneider electric has also been previously known as Telemechanique. It acquired the Telemechanique brand of switchgear followed by Square D, Merlin Gerin, and Conzerv. All these companies collectively form the Schneider Electric  brand.

The Schneider Electric products includes contactors, overload relays, switches, circuit breakers, fuselinks, changeovers etc.  The Schneider products pricelist and product catalog for all switchgear products can be downloaded from here.

Schneider offers the global electrical LC1D and LC1F series of contactors,   LRD series overload relays, Merlin Gerin (Acti) MCBs, CVS series MCCBs and GV2 series of motor protection circuit breakers among other switchgear products.

It also offers economical localised series of LC1E contactors, LRE overload relays, Neo Break MCBs and Easypact circuit breakers for price sensitive customers.

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Contactors   Overload Relays   MCCBs


MPCBs   MCBs    Softstarters

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