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Schneider Overload Thermal Relays

A thermal overload relay is a device to protect an electrical device like a motor/generator from catching fire/burning out. This can happen due to excessive heat produced during operation. The relay has a bi-metallic contact that operates with temperature. When the temperature of the system goes above a pre-set value, the contact goes from closed position to open and cuts the power supply to the circuit. This saves the device from damage. So it keeps the system within safe operating temperatures.

Schneider is one of the largest manufacturers of low-voltage switchgear, offering a wide range of products and solutions for OEMs, panel builders, contractors and end users.

Schneider has introduced LRD and LRE series overload relays used with LC1D and LC1E series of contactors. LRD series conform to the global international standards as compared to the LRE series. LRE series caters to cost-sensitive customers and meets Indian requirements and benchmarks.

LRD thermal overload relays are very reliable and cover the entire range of motor ratings up to 150A. It features integrated manual-automatic reset and a simple installation by screw clamp terminals, spring terminals, ring terminals or by EverLink terminals version. They can be combined with TeSys d contactors to form an extremely compact starter.

Please note that Schneider follows the same quality standards in all its plants across the world irrespective of where they are used.

KMIC is the one-stop solution for all industrial needs of Schneider relays. All the products provided by KMIC are 100% brand new and genuine.

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LC1D Series   LC1E Series

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