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ebmpapst Industrial Fans

Get details about industrial and electrical fans and motors from the world’s leading manufacturer. ebm-papst provides the best energy-efficient, intelligent solution for virtually any ventilation or drive technology task

ebm-papst Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors. As a technology company, we have continually set global industry standards since we were founded in 1963.

With over 20,000 products in its range, ebm-papst provides the best energy-efficient, intelligent solution for virtually any ventilation or drive technology task. And if our range doesn’t have what you’re looking for, our 650 engineers and technicians will gladly work with you to develop a new solution.


Product List:

Axial fans

Ebmpapst Axial fans. Industrial and electrical fans

Axial fans from ebm-papst impress with their shallow installation depth, low noise levels and outstanding levels of efficiency. They are particularly suited to heat exchanger throughflow.

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans from ebm-papst are available in both AC and GreenTech EC technology versions. Thanks to integrated electronics, any control, monitoring and maintenance functions can be implemented – whether for the smart home or Industry 4.0.

Ebm Papst industrial and electrical fans

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ebm-papst developed the world’s first gas blower for heating technology. To date we are the only company to develop blowers, venturis, valves and combustion controllers together with our customers and supply everything as a full package.

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Drive systems

Anyone looking for a special drive for a particular application usually has to work out the right design for each of these components and find an appropriate supplier. ebm-papst customers have no such worries – thanks to our unique modular range of drive system products.

ebm papst drive systems

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Tangential blowers

Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, underfloor convectors, air doors, air conditioners and heaters – all of these applications need a ventilation system with a shallow design and high air flow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential blowers from ebm-papst.

ebmpapst tangential blowers

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ebm-papst develops highly specialized pumps for air conditioners, drink dispensers, dryers and industrial applications, such as immersion pumps for conveying low-viscosity media, including water, condensate or lyes, or for circulating coolants in drinks dispensers.

ebm papst pumps

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ebm-papst gas valves provide a highly precise air-gas mixture. They are ideally suited to condensing units with pneumatic combined control systems.

ebm papst valves

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The control action provided by the electronics ensures the perfect coordination of drive technology and aerodynamics, which is required to implement complex automation solutions. ebm-papst not only provides the hardware for this but also the intelligent control software.

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Compact fans

ebm papst compact fans

For decades, fans from ebm-papst have been the benchmark in electronics cooling. They provide numerous additional functions with electronics that have already been installed and can be intelligently networked with the relevant device logic.


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