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HRC Fuselinks are important and indispensable part of  an electrical circuit. Proper selection of a fuse and its coordination with other protective devices in the circuit is very vital for foolproof protection of the circuit and its uninterrupted performance.

The basic functionaing of a fuse calls for:

a) continuously carrying the rated current without getting overheated.
b) instantaneously interrupting the circuit in case of a fault.

L&T, India’s largest manufacturer of low tension switchgear, offers the new generation of low watt loss HRC fuse-links type HN & HF designed as per the new IS 13703 / IEC 60269 standards.

Salient Features

  • High breaking capacity : 100 kA for HN Type and 80 kA for HF Type
  • Unique offerings : – 63A Cylindrical Fuse ;- 125A in Size000
  • Fuse blown indication : Through a red pop-up indicator
  • Low let through energy
  • Low watt loss : Lower power loss, gives you   – Power  – Cooler running of associated products like SDFs
  • Conform to IS 13703 (Part 2) / IEC 60269-2


Please click on individual links below to get more information about L&T Fuselinks.

HF Type Fuse Links     HN Type Fuse Links


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