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Leine Linde Encoders

Get details about the various encoder solutions from Leine Linde. The Leine Linde encoders and sensors are those you never have to think about! Those that simply do their job – year after year. Leine Linde develops and manufactures customized encoder and sensor solutions for demanding environments, and advanced measuring systems for accurate feedback on speed, position or strain.

Robust and reliable partner – Leine Linde Encoders

Leine Linde is a leading manufacturer of robust encoders, sensors, and system electronics for industrial applications. The products are primarily used for positioning or velocity feedback and are known for their robustness, performance and reliability. Our solutions often become the natural choice for heavy-duty operations located in harsh environments.

Leine Linde has an active global presence on all continents of the world, working in close cooperation with customers and partners through local offices and representatives.

Leine Linde Encoders Overview

Absolute and incremental encoders

M500 – Your future heroes

Group image of M500 series

Our new line of inductive encoders, the M500 series, is designed to meet the challenges of today, as well as the requirements of tomorrow.

Linear Encoders

4000 Linear

Linear inductive encoder for position feedback

Linear encoders from Leine Linde fit straight into the most demanding industrial environments and are very appreciated in steel mills and other metal processing industries. Length measuring and roll gap control become easy and reliable thanks to the high-resolution, very fast and accurate absolute position values received from robust inductive scanning, withstanding shock, heat and vibrations.


Bearingless Encoders

Magnetic ring encoders MRI 2200/2300 are made for mounting directly onto large rotating shafts. The bearingless encoder model MRI 2850 is built to mount directly on the main shaft of the standard 8,5” C-Face motors.

Product Name Category
MZI 594 M500
MHI 594 20hs M500
MHI 59412THS M500
MSI 593 M500
RLA 4200 4000 Linear
RLI 4300 4000 Linear
MRI 2200 2000 Bearing Less
MRI 2300 2000 Bearing Less
MRI 2850 2000 Bearing Less
1000 Extreme
900 Premium
800 Heavy Duty
700 Compact
600 industrial
500 Robust
300 Miniature


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