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L&T, India’s largest manufacturer of low tension switchgear introduces Motor Protection circuit breakers for comprehensive protection and control of  low tension motors. MPCBs combine the function of switch, a short circuit protective device and an overload relay.

Application of MPCBs

a) Standalone Motor Protection

b) Enhanced system life

c) Plant protection

L&T provides different series of MPCBs depending on the type of usage.  The customer needs to check the operating characteristics before choosing the correct version of the MPCB. While the MOG-H1, MOG-H2 and MOG-S1 series are adjustable thermal magnetic trip type MPCB, the MOG-H1M and MOG-H2M  are instantaneous trip type MPCBs. While MOG-S1 is a rocker type frame(without a handle), MOG-H1 and MOG-H2 are based on Rotary type frame model. The MOG-H1M and MOG-H2M series provide only short circuit protection while the other three series also combine the overload protection.

Please click on the individual link below to know about more about each of the  L&T MPCBs.



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