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Schneider Contactor LC1F150(150A)
August 30, 2011

Schneider Contactor LC1F150(150A)

Schneider provides 3Phase contactor with AC3 rating of 150 amperes. The general part number of the contactor is LC1F150 and comes without Normally open(NO) or Normally Close(NC) contacts. The ordering code for the same shall be LC1F150 (coil code separate). The contactor comes without coil and the coil has to be ordered separatey. The contactor comes in multiple coil voltages of 24V, 48V, 110V,220V,240V,415V at 50Hz and 60Hz.

The Schneider LC1F150 contactor is suitable for motor load of upto 110HP/80KW in three phase under AC-3 utilisation category. The contactor is suitable for a load of 250A in three phase under AC-1 utilisation category. These contactors are available in AC and DC operation. The ABB A series contactors are IEC and UL certified and follow international norms.

Ordering Code LC1F150 + LX1FF*
Product Name LC1F150
Brand Name Schneider
Series LC1F
Ampere (AC3) 150A
Poles 3
Coil Voltage 50Hz 24, 42, 110, 220, 240, 415, 525 AC
Auxiliary Contacts Not available
Operation AC and DC
Motor Rating 110HP/80KW
HxWxD (mm) 174X163.5X171
Weight (in kg) 3.83KG(approx)
Standards Applicable UL,IEC60947-2, ISI

Similar contactors can be found in other brands like Siemens 3TF51 Contactors, GE CK75 Contactors, L&T Contactor MNX140, ABB A145-30 Contactors etc.

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