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Capacitor Panels
August 14, 2011

Capacitor Panels

A capacitor panel maintains the power factor of the system automatically by switching the capacitor banks as per the needs of the system. Normally, an APFC relay along with a bank of capacitors, contactors and circuit breaker are the switchgear components used in the designing of the panel.

Power factor is the ratio of apparent power over true power. It is 1, if the load is purely resistive, such as in a toaster, but it is less than 1 if the load is reactive, such as in a motor. This is because current is not in phase with voltage in that case. Inductive loads cause the current to lag voltage, and capacitive loads cause the current to lead voltage. Placing capacitors across an inductive load tends to compensate for the lagging power factor.

Salient Features of our panels:

  • Capacitor panels are highly reliable in maintaining PF from 0.95-0.99.
  • Electric panels fabricated from quality components to provide durability, safety and long life to the panel.
  • Designed and developed according to IE rules with auto-manual options.
  • Powder coated for preventing corrosion, thus lengthening the life of the panel.
  • Electric Panels customized according to the clients’ needs.
  • Backup protections are MCCB of suitable breaking capacity.
  • Electric Panels tested by professionals for reliable and correct performance.
  • Inspection of the panel by client at the workshop before delivery.
  • Facility of 1 year warranty* and AMC available.
  • Competitive prices.

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