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Siemens 3TF Contactors

Get technical details, catalogue and Siemens Contactors Pricelist (53263 downloads) for Siemens 3TF Contactors here. Siemens India provides a robust and oldest series of power contactors suitable for controlling and switching requirements.

Power Contactors 3TF

With 3TF contactors Siemens has been offering a tried tested trusted solution to control, switch and protect your motors up to 450kW.

For more than 110 years, Siemens has been developing and manufacturing industrial control products. We offer a wide product range which fulfils the demands of our customers regarding performance and reliability. Our aim is to make industrial operation easier ensuring flexible mounting, modular construction and high functionality. With 3TF contactors Siemens has been offering a tried tested trusted solution to control, switch and protect your motors upto 250kW


3TF power contactors are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slip-ring motors as well as other AC loads, such as solenoids, capacitors, lighting loads, heating loads and transformer loads.


Contactors conform to IS/IEC 60947-4-1. They also carry the CE mark. They are suitable for 50Hz.

Coordinated feeder

Contactors and bi-relays have been tested for type-2 coordination at Iq = 50kA, 415V AC, 50Hz as per IS/IEC 60947-4-1, for both fuse protected as well as fuseless motor feeders.


3TF contactors are available from 9 A to 820A in 3 pole versions.

Benefits and features Flexibility

• Choice of Auxiliary contacts

The customer can order desired number of contacts thereby reducing the cost.

• Choice of mounting Contactor can be mounted on 35mm DIN and they are also suitable for screw mounting (9-38A – DIN / Screw mounting and 45-475A – Screw mounting).

Siemens 3TF Contactors Coil Voltages

High performance

No de-ration upto 55°C
Contactors are suitable for operation in service temperatures upto 55°C without derating. This avoids the selection of higher rated contactor, thereby reducing cost.
Long Life
The superior design of current carrying parts, contact system and magnet system increase the reliability resulting in higher electrical and mechanical endurance.
High short-time rating
Contactors have a high short-time rating, which makes them suitable for applications having high starting currents and long run-up times.

High reliability

• High insulation voltage and impulse withstand voltage capacity ensure reliable performance during an occasional abnormal increase in supply voltage.
• Double break parallel bridge contact mechanism This mechanism is available for auxiliary contacts. Such a contact mechanism ensures reliable contact at low voltage and low currents (5mA at 17VDC). It also offers unmatched reliability.

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