Schneider MPCB GV2ME14 (6-10A)

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Designed to protect and control low tension motors from damage caused due to excess passage of current.
Schneider MPCBs combine the function of a switch, short circuit protective device and an overload relay.
Schneider MPCB OEM Part No: GV2ME14 (6-10A).
Pushbutton Type MPCB with thermal range 6-10A and  breaking capacity 100ka.
Can be reset immediately after overload is removed.
Accessories like handle, undervoltage release available separately.
Adjustable thermal magnetic releases.

An MPCB combines the function of an overload relay and a switch. Schneider MPCB GV2ME14 (6-10A) can be used to protect low tension motors  from damage if current is out of range 6-10A. The recommended motor rating for this MPCB is 3kW. Similar MPCBs can be found in other brands like Siemens, ABB, GE, BCH, Havells, L&T etc.

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