L&T MNX Contactor Accessories

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The accessories for L&T MNX Contactors are also available seperately. Below are the catalog numbers for the respective spare contact kits and spare coils for L&T MNX Contactors:

Type Spare Contact kit Spare Coil
 MNX 9  CS94123  CS94105
 MNX 12  CS94124  CS94105
 MNX 18  CS94125  CS94105
 MNX 22  CS94269  CS94105
 MNX 25  CS94127  CS94105
 MNX 32  CS94128  CS94105
 MNX 40  CS94147  CS94105
 MNX 45  CS94149  CS94192
 MNX 50  CS94150  CS94192
 MNX 70  CS94151  CS94192
 MNX 80  CS94152  CS94192
 MNX 95  CS94153  CS94196
 MNX 110  CS94154  CS94196
 MNX 140  CS94155  CS94196
 MNX 185  CS94156  CS94194
 MNX 225  CS94157  CS94194
 MNX 265  CS94159  CS94195
 MNX 325  CS94160  CS94195
 MNX 400  CS94161  CS94195
 MNX 550  CS94162  CS94193
MNX 650 CS96336 CS94193

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